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Lido Isle Properties

Living the Lido Lifestyle

Drive past the iconic Lido Theatre and across the bridge to Lido Isle. You won’t be disappointed. The 2 mile private island enclave features some of the most beautiful homes, views and community amenities in Newport Beach. Located in the Southwest portion of Newport Harbor, Lido is easily accessible from Pacific Coast Highway via Newport Boulevard and Via Lido.

Lido Island Properties | Global Luxury


There are approximately 865 homes on Lido Isle, approximately 250 on the bay front and 615 on the interior of the island.


The island is home to a number of different styles from contemporary to traditional. Although there is no required architectural motif, the original theme of the island was intended to be Mediterranean in style. Since the community evolved over a 60-year period, the architecture and design of the homes is varied; although they all feature either tile or slate roofs to promote the overall flavor. Lido Isle was designed to resemble the small, coastal Italian area after which it is named.


There are numerous community activities and groups for all ages, including the Lido Isle Tennis Club, the Lido Isle Women’s Club and the Lido Isle Yacht Club. Children can take association sponsored tennis and sailing lessons without leaving the island. The Lido Isle Community Association, governed by the Lido Isle Board of Directors, oversees and maintains all of the community properties, including the clubhouse, private beaches, docks, mooring and parks. The beaches of the peninsula are easily reached by bike or on foot.

A Brief History

The Pacific Electric Railway Company completed its famous “Red Line Car” from Los Angeles through Long Beach to Balboa in 1906. What is now Lido Isle was a sand bar known as Pacific Electric Island and was sold off as surplus right-of-way land in 1923 to W.K. Parkinson for the development of commercial wharfs and shipyards.

Dredging for the project proceeded, which placed the elevation of the island eleven feet above mean high tide for commercial purposes, but the failed passage of a harbor bond issue brought the project to a standstill. Following Parkinson’s death, the island was purchased by an investment group (which reportedly included William Randolph Hearst) headed by William Crittenden of San Francisco for $125,000. A European architect was hired to plan a resort community patterned after the famed Lido di Venezia across from the lagoon from Venice, Italy, an island which included several hotels and a shopping area in its center.

Lido Island Properties | Global Luxury
Lido Island Properties | Global Luxury
Lido Island Properties | Global Luxury
Lido Island Properties | Global Luxury

Lido’s Evolution

The original plans for Lido Isle called for a shopping area in what is now the center of the island: Via Genoa, Piazza Lido, Via Florence, Via Havre and Via Fermo. A hotel was planned for the eastern tip of the island, but was never built. Tract 907 was subdivided in 1928 and in 1930 the bridge was completed and the streets and sidewalks and the country’s first underground utilities were installed. But The Great Depression took its toll on sales, especially in the commercial area, and the C-1 village section was re-zoned R-1 in the early 1930’s.

Lido Island Properties | Global Luxury
Lido Island Properties | Global Luxury
Lido Island Properties | Global Luxury
Lido Island Properties | Global Luxury

Other Interesting Facts

Originally only lots were for sale. Prospective buyers were attracted from Los Angeles with a free lunch at the Southern Seas Club (near the present Pavilion), after which they were given a harbor tour on the Lido Lady, a converted Navy tender, brought to the clubhouse dock and turned over to the sales agents who showed them the five model homes as examples of what could be built on a small 30’ lot. By 1935 small vacation homes could be purchased – with a modest 10% down and $27.50 per month – but sales were slow due to the Depression, only about 50 homes were built prior to World War II. During WWII, a large tower on the top of the Lido Clubhouse was manned each night as locals watched out for enemy planes. Development continued during the post-war building boom and by the mid-fifties about half the island was developed. By the early 60’s a small inside home could be purchased for as little as $30,000, and a small bay front home with a boat dock went for under $100,000. Numerous famous residents and owners have come and gone: Joey Bishop, Hoagy Carmichael, Tyrone Power, Don Drysdale, June Allison, Jane Wyatt, and Eleanor Parker, and more recently, even a rock star – Eddie Van Halen.

Lido Isle Facilities


  • Full-Time Staff
  • Summer Lifeguards at Clubhouse and Genoa Nord Beaches
  • Snack Bar in Summer
  • Clubhouse may be rented by Lido Isle Residents


  • Yacht, Tennis, Women’s and Men’s Clubs





  • Dry, Moorings & Slips


  • Tennis & Sailing Lessons
  • Parks with play equipment at Genoa/Nord & San Remo Tennis Court
  • Grass Park at Via San Remo