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About Marilyn Read

Real estate professional Marilyn Read can’t hide her prejudice: there’s no denying that the longtime Lido Isle resident finds her community to be amongst the most desirable in Southern California. “It’s so beautiful, and I know the island backwards and forward,” she smiles. A former educator who appreciates the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, she’s made it her mission to represent Lido Isle’s real estate with knowledge and exceptional customer care, and to work with clients in home and sale purchases throughout the surrounding communities.

Marilyn’s move into real estate came after the UCLA graduate spent years as a third grade teacher. While she loved her profession, the time came when she was ready for change. She attended night school, earning her real estate license with the encouragement of a broker/owner friend who assured her that she’d be a great fit for the business. With his mentorship and her proactive approach to business, the thrived. “I knew real estate was for me because I really love working with people, building an understanding of who they are and what they need, and then helping them to accomplish their goals,” she reveals. Years of classroom teaching had enabled Marilyn to hone her interpersonal skills; translating them to adults was a natural progression, and she readily gained the trust and respect of her clients, who appreciated her hands-on method and diligent work ethic.

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From the onset, Marilyn employed a highly professional approach to her business. She invested in the support of an administrative assistant, who ensured that clients were never left with unanswered questions or concerns. She cultivated unique partnerships with her clientele, engaging in thoughtful dialogues designed to facilitate honest and open communication. “When you’re selling a home, it’s not just about a timeline or a price point,” Marilyn explains. “I need to understand the motivation behind a transaction so that I can put together a solid sales and marketing plan.”

She launches each sale with a question: “What can we do as a team?” Designating accountability for herself and her clients ensures that everyone continues to work together toward a common vision. Marilyn solicits feedback throughout the transaction, soliciting input on everything from advertising photos to open houses. “My clients know that I’m working for them,” she states. “If something isn’t working, we can adapt accordingly.”

When she represents a listing, Marilyn “does it like no other.” Her comprehensive and straightforward approach, she explains, has allowed her to achieve consistent results. “I look at each property as if I was a prospective buyer,” she reveals. “What would appeal to me?” To that end Marilyn employs the assistance of a professional photographer, who captures the lifestyle and distinct beauty that each home represents.

“In today’s real estate market, exquisite photos are key to attracting the attention of prospective buyers,” reflects Marilyn. To ensure that her listings are well-viewed she utilizes comprehensive print and online outlets to reach consumers and other real estate professionals. She’s also a proponent of open houses, particularly within the tight-knit community of Lido Isle. “I believe it’s important to take advantage of word-of-mouth advertising,” she explains. “Many residents here know people who are looking for beach houses.” By exploring a range of marketing options and outlets, Marilyn greatly increases the exposure and salability of every listing.

While she represents buyers and sellers throughout Orange County, Marilyn is particularly well-versed in the Newport Beach market and the properties situated throughout Lido Isle. As a resident for over 35 years, she is intimately familiar with the unique amenities and features that distinguish each home. Understanding how lot sizes and exposure impact each home’s value has earned Marilyn a reputation as an area expert. In addition to fielding questions from clients and consumers, she is also a point person for regional colleagues.

“I get calls from other agents to talk about pricing and home options,” she notes. “I’m always glad to help others, to share information on the schools, amenities and residences on our island.” Her knowledge is incomparable; while technology has opened virtual doors, there is no comparison to a hands-on understanding of what makes her community unique. Her collaborative attitude and market familiarity are invaluable elements to Marilyn’s work as a buyer’s representative, as well. “This is a good time to buy real estate,” she says. “There are deals, but you must be savvy and sensitive to negotiate a solid offer.”

Marilyn’s dedication to her profession is surpassed by her love of her community. An avid outdoorswoman, she jogs the island daily and plays tennis on a regular basis. She is also dedicated to improving the lives of others through volunteerism and fundraising. Active in her church, she is a longtime member of the Lido Isle Women’s Club where she has served in a number of leadership positions. A 25-year member of the Children’s Home Society, she has helped change the lives of countless foster children, helping to provide nurturing support for those in need of extra attention. Marilyn is also active in the Lido Isle Tennis Club and Architectural Committee.

Supporting her every step of the way is Marilyn’s family. A close-knit group, the clan sees each other regularly. Married for over 50 years, Marilyn and her husband Richard, a retired attorney, are proud parents to three boys, Scott, Jeffrey and Kenton. The couple has ten grandchildren and counting.
Reflecting on the opportunities that real estate have presented to her and her family, Marilyn is grateful for the career that has changed the lives of so many. “I’ve been over-the-top blessed in so many ways,” she offers. “It’s an amazing thing to be able to reach out and support others, to help them achieve their goals and dreams and to walk with them through that process.”